Well it is here, online e-courses filled with oil painting projects! It is with great excitment that I present this online course taught by a talented and inspirational group of oil artists/teachers.

Seasons of Oil Painting Expressions

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$99 - Ten Lessons
Seasons of Oil Painting Expressions

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  • Ten weeks of art lessons presented in oil.
  • The first lesson will be presented March 7, 2016.
  • Class files are fully accessible until February 1, 2017.
  • Lesson format includes Video clips and Tutorials (pdf files).
  • Take the classes in the comfort of your own surroundings at your leisure.
  • Share the excitement with other classmates in the private Oil Painting Expressions Facebook groups.

Test Video - Check to see if your device is properly equiped to play the videos.

Our Teachers

Find out about our roster of incredible teachers. You will be hard pressed to find such talent all in one place for such a small investment.

How it Works

You will receive an email introducing the teacher and her lesson on the date she is scheduled to present her class along with information on how to login into the classroom. You may download the pdf files to keep. You have complete access to the classroom for eleven months to watch and learn from our talented teachers!

Once you subscribe to either course, you will be invited to join the private Oil Painting Expressions group on Facebook. Here you can post photos of your painting(s), ask questions, interact with the teachers, and share your love for your art.

Won't you join us? The subjects range from still life to portrait, landscapes to strokework, decorative art to fine art. You surely will find inspiration and beauty all the while learning techniques and thought process from this fantastic group of designers and artists. Each teacher will present her lesson using either multiple video clips or a slide show accompanied by a pdf file(s). Keep a notebook and print the pdf files, taking notes as you watch the video clips/slideshow in your own home, anytime. Paint along, starting and stopping the clip as you need, all in the privacy of your own home. No formal attire required!