Tentative Class Schedule - Session Four

Here is the tentative class schedule for the 4th session of Oil Painting Expressions. When you subscribe to the course, you can paint with each of these talented artists! You have access to all class files and video clips until February 1 of 2018!

Oil Basics Brush Ups Series

With this session of Oil Painting Expressions we are offering something new for the beginning oil and accomplished painter alike. More and more it has become evident that many do not have access to oil painting teachers in their area. Though you may be an artist using a different medium, you might want to try oils and just don't know where to start, or maybe you just need to brush up on your oil techniques. Oil Basics Brush Ups comprises multiple videos that will be "sprinkled" throughout this session of OPE. Topics covered are background preparation, blending, leaves, twigs, fruit, flower petals, shapes, gold leafing, varnishing, and more.

You will learn basic information just by watching the presentations from our talented artists, each with their own style and approach to painting their artwork, and we are hoping that Oil Basics Brush Ups will give you the confidence to try oils or add to your skillset. Come on and join us for Session Four and try something new!