What am I buying for $99?

You will receive a total of 8 oil painting lessons, one every other week, from one of our teachers plus a Bonus Lesson. Each lesson consists of multiple video clips and a pdf file containing project information deemed pertinent by the teacher. You also receive the video tutorials in our Oil Basics Brush Ups Series, and the Creative Beginnings videos from our artists about things that inspire them to paint. Topics covered are background preparation, blending, leaves, twigs, fruit, flower petals, shapes, gold leafing, varnishing, and more. You will also have access to the private Oil Painting Expressions Facebook group.

What if I just want to audit the course? I am not an oil painter.

When you subscribe to the e-course, you may paint along with the artist, or audit only. Feel free to paint the project in another medium but keep in mind that the artist will be instructing the project in oils only. The fee for all 9 oil painting lessons remains $99.

How long will I be able to access the classes?

You have access to the classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Oil Painting Expressions Session Four began March 4, 2019 with full access to all lesson files and videos until February 1, 2020.

Are the class files available for download?

You may download the pdf files. The video clips are not available for download. You have access to the classroom from March 4, 2019 - February 1, 2020. This should give you an adequate amount of time to study with each of the artists.

What is a pdf?

PDF is an acronym for portable document format. It is an electronic file which, in this case, may contain a list of supplies, instructions, line drawing(s), photograph(s), and any other pertinent information about the lesson being given. The contents of the pdf file is the discretion of each teacher and is not standardized from teacher to teacher.

What is the Oil Painting Expressions Facebook group?

This is a private group for subscribers only to the Oil Painting Expressions e-Course. You have to have a Facebook account to participate in the group. Once you have purchased a subscription, and if you have a Facebook account, you will receive notification that you have been added to the OPE Facebook group. You will be able to post photos of your class projects, ask questions, share with and encourage others. The teachers will be participating in the group also. The group is Oil Painting Expressions related only. No promotions or advertizing is allowed.

This is such a good idea! May a group buy one subscription and then watch the lessons together?

Sharing with a chapter, guild, or any other painting group is prohibited. A group is considered more than one person. This is such a great bargin there is no need to share. It is only $12.37 per lesson plus you receive multiple video tutorials from our Oil Basics Brush Up Series and insight from the artists about what inpspires them. You can't study with one of these teachers, let alone all of them, in one place for that amount! Please respect the copyrights of each of these artists.

May I teach these projects to my painting group?

All of the projects are licensed to Oil Painting Expressions for the duration of the course. After that time please contact the individual teacher about her teaching policy. Don't assume that each teacher has the same policy.