Our Teachers - Oil Painting Expessions - Session Eight

Presenting the teachers for the Oil Painting Expressions, Session 8: Jean Archer, Jan Boettcher, Robyn Brooks, Jeanne Downing, Mary Jo Leisure, Cheri Rol, Shirley Nan Ruchong, and Patsy Schultis.

Jean Archer

Jean Archer Jean was born in Salem, Ohio and moved to Florida on her 14th birthday. She met her husband, Richard, a Tampa native, at age 15 in high school and they were married in 1953. They have two married sons and have been blessed with three handsome grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter.

Jean has been painting since 1974, and taught painting classes for 30+ years in her home studio. She earned her MDA in 1999. Her favorite medium is oils. She is retired but still enjoys painting, mentoring, teaching a couple seminars a year and volunteering at her church, Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran and Florida Hospital, Tampa. At the church her duties include flower arranging. At the hospital she is part of a team that paints masks used by the Oncology Dept. for patients needing head, neck and brain radiation. A few years ago she painted a large All Saints Day banner for the church and later was honored to paint an 8’ x 6’ triptych with bible scenes to enclose a cross in the Fellowship Hall.

Jean has a shop on Etsy where she sells some of her work. Visit soon www.etsy.com/shop/jeanarcherartist

Jan Boettcher

Jan Boettcher From the very first time I laid eyes on this beautiful folk art from Norway called Rosemaling, I knew I “had” to learn to paint it. I had not had any formal art classes ever. I did enjoy drawing when I was young, but that was it. My mother’s family came to the U.S from Norway and the culture of Norway was kept alive in our home. My mother’s sister was instrumental in bringing Rosemaling into my life. She learned to Rosemal at the Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. She, in turn, taught in our little Wisconsin town. She was my first teacher way back 38 years ago. And, I have been painting ever since. I am totally in love with this art. My main purpose is to promote the art and to teach students about the rich history of it as well. I traveled twice to Norway to learn from the special and talented painters there. I have also taken many, many classes from Norwegian and American Rosemalers here in America. I currently paint 12 different styles of Rosemaling. Plus, I also paint Norwegian nisse (gnomes) along with the Rosemaling.

My husband Roger and I own and operate Turn of the Century Wood Products. Our woodenware designs are frequently inspired by old pieces we have found or have seen. My designs are inspirations of antique pieces that I have studied or found in museums and books on Rosemaling. I am very blessed to have my own personal wood worker to design projects that are fun and interesting to paint on.

Etsy: TurnofthecenturyShop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jan Boettcher.7
E-mail: boettchert1@aol.com

Robyn Brooks

Robyn Brooks Robyn Brooks lives in Sydney, Australia. Her passion for art began in high school with pencil sketching. She then studied ceramics and became a potter.

In 1985 she discovered the world of decorative painting. Her initial painting and teaching was in acrylics. Her medium of choice now is oils.

Robyn joined the Society of Decorative Painters in 1990 and attended her first convention in 1995. This opened up so many opportunities to expand her skills. Attending the SDP conventions enabled her to attend seminars with the top teachers and form long lasting friendships.

Robyn became a Certified Decorative Artist in 2004.

Robyn is a published artist and has a home studio. When she is not painting in her studio or spending time with her grand children, she is out sailing on Sydney Harbour on her yacht.

Robyn has studied extensively under Mary Jo Leisure, Cheri Rol, Michael Fulton, Peggy Stodgill, Kerry Smith and many others. Robyn visits the US on a regular basis to catch up with friends and paint in Cheri Rol’s studio.

Website: www.theartisticbrush.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/robyn.brooks.395
Email: robyn@theartisticbrush.com

Jeanne Downing

Jeanne Downing

While attending Colorado State University, Jeanne majored in fashion and design. In addition, she studied art and drawing. It was there that she was introduced to painting in oils. Years later, she discovered decorative painting, designing and painting functional and decorative pieces for home and office. Jeanne also designs and develops websites which has naturally led her into digital art and design. She is now integrating her traditional art work with the digital world.

She has authored six oil painting books, and has authored and produced multiple art technique DVDs, and DVD tutorials for artists wishing to learn how to use art software. Jeanne continues to teach both workshops and online classes on art techniques, and using technology as an art tool.

A hint of romance can be found in each of her designs. Contact Jeanne by email at designs@rosecote.com. Visit her webiste at www.Rosecote.com. Follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JeanneDowningBerndsen, and her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/RosecoteJeanneDowning, and on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/jeanneld/. Visit her blog at jeannedowning.blogspot.com/

Mary Jo Leisure

Mary Jo Leisure Mary Jo calls herself a dreamer. As a child swinging on the barn yard gate she watched the clouds move and change, and the flowers grow and change in shape and color. These early days of her life formed a love of the movement in everything she saw and loved. She was always designing from her young days.

By the 1960’s she found herself loving the decorative look in the classes being taught at that time. After taking 8 classes and wanting more she began teaching herself from what she saw, read and experimented with. She is a self taught, designer and oil painter inspired by everything around her. She began teaching her neighbors in the 60’s in Kansas City, moving to Bartlesville, Ok and then on to Arlington, Tx. Where she and a painting student, Peggy Hobbs, opened the Village Tole House. It was a beautiful teaching shop for 16 years before being destroyed by fire. In 1983, Mary Jo and her husband designed and build Cedar Crest, Country Studio of Decorative Art in the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Kansas near Pleasanton, KS. It was designed for students to live with them for a week at a time and study in her studio. Students came from all over the world. After selling their dream home and studio and moving into town in 2000 she can still be found occasionally teaching in the studio at Cedar Crest.

Over the years Mary Jo has traveled extensively throughout the world teaching her distinctive style of this beautiful art form. She is known for her love of flowers and particularly roses and has authored more than 30 books, 3 videos and countless articles in a variety of magazines. She was one of the 22 founding members of the Society of Decorative Painters and was editor of the Decorative Painter for 19 years. “What a treasure this art form is for so many as their lives have been touched sharing the beauty of color and design together. I feel so blessed to be a part of it all”.

Visit Mary Jo's website at www.MaryJoLeisure.com. Follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/maryjo.leisure and on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/maryjoleisure. Email Mary Jo at mjleisure@ckt.net

Cheryle Rol

Cheryle Rol Cheryle's love of the arts started as a young child. Her parents appreciated the arts and encouraged her participation in them. When she looks back she realizes she has been so fortunate-perspective and value studies, design and creative inspiration, color and theory studies have been part of her life's journey.

Putting it all together has turned into a love for the realistic style of painting using strong colors and life- like photo realism. Recognition for these qualities has led to many opportunities for Cheryle's art. When Louisville Slugger Bat Company celebrated its 125th anniversary, Cheryle was one of 40 area artists invited to decorate the commermorative bat for a fund raising auction held in Louisville, KY. Madison Indiana Art Guild's annual art show and competition netted Cheryle a first place in the still life category. The Sthur Museum in Grand Island, NE - a prominent Prairie Pioneer Museum - chose Cheryle as one of ten artists to paint limited edition prints. The profits from these prints earn much needed funds for the museum as Federal funding was eliminated.

Cheryle and her husband, Larry, moved to Indiana across the river from Louisville, KY, in 2006. Her art can be seen in at the Harrison County Artisan Center in Corydon, IN.

Teaching is a fulfilling part of her life. She enjoys guiding students to find their success with paint, brush, pencil or crayons. Her studio is next to her home in the rolling hills of the countryside of Indiana, better know as Kentuckiana.

Cheryle went to Concordia Teachers College in Ann Arbor, MI, and the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, studing art and education. As an extra blessing she had an excellent art teacher in High School, Gerald Brommer. All thngs for a purpose...in her growing up she was surrounded with family that encouraged art and music endeavors.

As of this writing, Cheryle has 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great greandchildren. All, blessings in their own special ways.

Website: www.cherirol.com and www.cherylerol.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cheri.rol and Cheri's Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GoldenPaintbrush
Email: RolPub@cherirol.com

Shirley Nan Ruchong

Shirley Nan Ruchong

In 1979 Shirley was introduced to Tole Painting. This style of painting opened up a whole new world of creativity since she always wanted to paint! Her first classes were in oil (still her first love!) but she also paints, and teaches, in acrylics, watercolor and alcohol ink. Shirley owned a Tole Shop for 13 years eventually moving it to her Home Studio where she taught 4 classes a week as well as periodic seminar classes until 2017.

In order to grow as a painter and because it was not possible to pursue formal training in art through college classes Shirley educated herself, over the years, by taking as many classes and from as many teachers as she could. Although she learned many different styles of painting Shirley was always drawn to designs that looked real – presenting a dramatic look utilizing a high-contrast style.

Painting from photos the journey begins with Shirley’s camera. Almost all designs are painted in oils on the smooth surface of tempered masonite as she finds that it lends itself best to her technique. Shirley’s style invites the viewer to look closer at the design discovering unexpected details, like water drops, so that the observer wants to linger a while longer with the painting. There is great joy in exploring all the intricacies that God created as well as discovering all the colors He used!

Shirley has had the opportunity to travel-teach as well as teach at national and regional painting Conventions. She has been published in the international Society of Decorative Painter's award winning magazine The Decorative Painter as well as Japan's Decorative Artist magazine. Her painting “Delicate Balance” was also published by North Light Books in Strokes of Genius 5 – the Best of Drawing.

Ornaments painted to hang on Christmas trees featured at the White House now reside in the Smithsonian. She also reproduces her designs on note cards and magnets and has recently ventured into the medium of alcohol ink! Visit her website to see more: www.ShirleyNanRuchong.com .

Shirley has not come to this place in her life all by herself. Many people contributed to this journey: her Grandma who inspired her from the beginning; her parents and family; an untold number of teachers who were willing to share their knowledge to increase hers; Shirley’s kids who appreciated and accepted what she did and most especially, God, where it all started.

Website: www.ShirleyNanRuchong.com
Email: ruchong@humboldt1.com

Patsy Schultis

Patsy SchultisPatsy Schultis and her husband, Estel live in Loveland, Colorado. Shortly after moving to Loveland, she discovered decorative painting, and started taking lessons from her close friend, Jeanne Downing. Later she tried her hand at teaching in her kitchen at the kitchen table. After teaching at the kitchen table for a number of years, her husband remodeled the basement family room into a large studio. This allowed her to host a number of seminars for out of town teachers. With his help and encouragement, she passed her CDA in 1991.

Patsy loves teaching watercolor and oils and has recently started working in colored pencils. Her paintings include florals, still life, portraits and faces. One of her portraits hangs in the Institute for the Blind in Denver. She has also painted a mural of a local rock outcropping called the Devils Backbone for Namaqua Elementary School, that covered two walls.

She has attended a number of design seminars taught by Mary Jo Leisure, and she credits Mary Jo with giving her the assurance she could design faces. This has led her to her latest joy of drawing fairies and angels. Besides Mary Jo, she has studied with Louise Jackson, Barb Watson, Ann Kingslan, Sheila Bennet, and Arleta Pech.

When she isn't teaching classes, and playing with her grandchild, she spends the summer with one of her other great joys, growing iris in her large iris garden.

Visit Patsy's website at www.patsyschultis.com.