Tips & Tutorials

Watch for tips and tutorials to be added periodically to the Tips page.
Click on a thumbnail to view a video in a pop-up window. Click on the letters "HD" on the playbar to select the quality of the video. The higher the number, the better the quality.

Take a moment to watch the video about the painting supplies that our teachers/artists use here at OPE. This is just one example of the videos that can be found in our new Oil Basics Brush Ups Series included with the OPE 8 subscription.

  • Introduction to Oil Paints with Jeanne Downing
  • Basic Supplies by Jeanne Downing
  • Brush Care with Jeanne Downing

These helpful tutorials are all about printing PDF files, including photos and printed backgrounds.

  • Printing a PDF File
  • Save PDF to IPad
  • Print from an IPad
  • Print a Digital Background with the Paint Program
  • Print a Digital Background Using Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Printing a Digital Background Using Adobe Photoshop